Why Sakura commerce? What is difference, advantage? Why do you need to know this information?

Customizable for you

Main advantage - is CUSTOMIZABLE. It is hard to customize other well known ecommerces. Because the frameworks of ecommerces are self-made. To hire specialists, you only need to contact their company, only to their developers. Because, only their developers wrote this framework. And only they know it and no one else except them knows it. It is difficult, expensive, sometimes impossible to find such narrow specialists. Also they have difficult administration, as there is much that is not needed. Slowness, again, because of redundancy. Because, even what you don't wanna use, by default, it is already included and takes resources. Remove unnecessary. Add your own specific. Change what's there. It is laborious. If you order to write from scratch, developer may write a hodgie code, this will kill the project in the future. In practice, I often saw how customers faced this, when reanimating the project no longer made sense.

On Sakura commerce this all are easy, To remake, to customize this all to yourself, remove unnecessary, add your own, change existing. You don't depend on me. Other than me you can hire any other Yii developer, which are easy to find around the world. This is another reason why Sakura commerce was made. To solve the personnel question, too. I wrote my ecommerce with loose coupled components, with a strict SOLID principle. For myself and for other Yii developers. That there was no procedural code, and everything was divided into components, and they are loose coupled. To be able to remove the unnecessary component. If it needs, write your new one. Or extend from an existing component and re-do it. Reducing the risk of hodgie code. My product has ready-made clean modules. The developer will continue to write from the place I reached. Not from scratch doing all standard functions. The entire set of standard features is already available in its pure form. Also, I did not invent anything on purpose. Not to cause dependence on me. I wrote exclusively native tools from Yii2, not adding anything from myself. Therefore, any Yii developer will enter this system with a low threshold. Even documentation is not needed. Knowledge of Yii is enough to understand how this ecommerce works. There is a standard Yii modules, divided by SOLID logic. Sakura commerce is offered to save time and resources with the ABILITY TO CHANGE them. Simultaneously, eliminating the risks of bad code. It offers a quality, clean, test covered code, which can be collected in different ways, whatever your requirements.

Result. This solution is a compromise between ready and raw. It's half-ready to save your time and the time of your developer. And half-baked so you can prepare from it what you want yourself. To rebuild, rewrite, customize for you, you can contact me in person, or hire any other Yii developer.

Other advantages

What can do Sakura commerce?


Fast search and load content
Individual, Easy, Light
All suit standard functionalities
Grouping of products
Responsive intuitive design
Ajax update content
Separated theme from code and replaceable to any other theme
Multilingual, I18n
Soon mobile app

Clear backend

Minimum clicks and transitions
RBAC, visual control hierarchy of roles & permissions
Managing translations of multilingual
Nested set of categories
EAV, dynamic fields
Mailing of letters
Auto combine and compress assets files
Many other useful behaviours
Integration Instagram, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook

Clean code and architecture

Following 5 SOLID principles
Module structure, independence of every module, weak coupling
PSR standards

Test coverage

Code coverage by module tests of Codeception
Functionality of ecommerce covered functional and acceptance tests of Codeception

Cover yours any theme


Sakura theme

Based on bootstrap, Responsive

Sakura light theme

Based on bootstrap, Responsive

Mobile theme

Responsive mobile template

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